The best seat is sitting right beside you. No, I'm joking. But, I thought it's a good dinner time tonight. I can't express the feeling well but I just like it.


We just sat beside the window. Sometimes we looked at people who passed by, and sometimes we just talked about "life". No pressure but smile. I also enjoyed your company indeed. Moreover, I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant, it's comfortable.


You always said that you're not brave like I am. But actually I'm chicken also.  I just believe that I will learn something from mistakes, and then growing up.


Lastly, I'll tell you if I achieve my goal. Just wait and see:)

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  • happier
  • Wow,I was shocked by the first sentence...XD
    you are always pulled out suddenly by me for my unstable emotions
    and I was kind of afraid that you’ll feel bad about it
    But so glad to know you’re my side.
    Thanks for listening and talking and eating with the person who’s lack of confidence, yeah, it’s me.
    I think I’ll definitely feel lost by the time when you achieve goal and leaving for JP.
    But I’m running, running after you, running toward Heather(?)

  • You're not running after me. You're just on your own way. But we should both run toward Heather(the other stranger like Shiao-fei)

    uru1122 於 2010/03/30 02:38 回覆